Workplace Learning

Workplace Learning

Our workplace learning allows organisations to benefit from the proactive, educational approach we use to address prejudice within Scotland’s schools. As an employer, offering this workplace learning to your staff demonstrates a commitment to being inclusive of LGBT people.

It has been the most impactful training we have delivered to support us creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace. People still speak about the original training 3 years ago and remember the key points of the training telling us it was the best training they have had and how they have changed how they speak to friends and understand the impact of what they thought was banter.”

Workplace learning input

Our workplace learning will provide an overview of the concepts of active and passive prejudice, and how this can affect individuals in the workplace and wider society. This is provided by exploring the context of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. This input includes the voices of LGBT people and allies first hand, discussing their own experiences.

64.5% of employees have heard prejudicial language about LGBT people at work (2022/23).

This input increases understanding of the consequences of prejudice and stereotyping. Participants will have a better understanding as to how they can contribute to efforts to make their workplace inclusive. Our evaluations show that 100% of session participants had a stronger understanding of what prejudice can look like, how it can escalate and the importance of challenging it within the workplace.

We use interactive digital technology during each of these sessions in order to capture anonymised qualitative and quantitative data from participants, which is then provided to your organisation in an accessible infographic format. This not only allows the company to evidence the benefit of these sessions, but also helps identify any particular learning opportunities within the workplace.

Duration: 1 hour
Location: In-person at your premises or online
Cost: On request

Workplace specific evaluative data will be provided following the session.

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