Everything that we do is provided to schools free of charge, to ensure it is accessible for all. LGBT Inclusive Education should not be limited by the funds a school, teacher or young person has access to.

However, this does mean that we occur significant costs to deliver our work around the country, especially as we are committed to providing services and resources to rural communities. We travel to schools across Scotland and ensure that the same inputs are available to schools whether they are in the Highlands and Islands, the Central Belt, or anywhere else in Scotland.

We are funded by the Scottish Government, but donations allow us to broaden our reach, deliver bigger and more ambitious projects, and engage with more schools, teachers, and young people.

Ultimately, your support contributes to our goal: for all young people to grow up in a society free from homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia.

Since my time in school, it has been incredible to see the historic introduction of LGBTQ+ inclusive education across Scotland, thanks to the hard work of the TIE Campaign. I can only imagine the transformational impact that this will be having on young LGBTQ+ people who will now grow up knowing that they are seen, valued, and understood. For these reasons, I am proud to be a monthly donor to TIE."

Lauren TIE Donor

If any 10% of the work TIE does was around when I was a kid at school in the 90s, I KNOW my life would back then would have been much better…I want young gay people like I was to grow up not feeling ashamed of who they are, not having to hide themselves, to know that their relationships, and who they are is absolute fine and valid, and if they are being bullied, the school will support them…”

Ryan TIE Donor

I only came out as bi in my thirties. I blame this partly on what I learned at school – as there was no LGBTQ+ inclusive education provided, the only things I knew about the topic were what I heard in the playground…TIE works to make sure that this doesn’t happen to other children, so that kids like me know it’s okay to be attracted to genders other than the ‘opposite’ one, and that they aren’t bullied for simply being who they are."

El TIE Donor


Many LGBT young people experience prejudice and bullying at school. Donations allow us to continue building on our positive impact in schools across the country.

I wish this was in place when I was in school. I may not have waited so long (my late twenties) to accept myself and to come out. It is important that young people are helped to understand what they may be feeling and that young people know how they can support LGBTQ people."

Marco TIE Donor

As a parent of a non-gender-conforming child - and as a member of school staff - it is so important that LGBT inclusive education is the norm. We still experience children using homophobic language even at primary & it is vital that educators have the tools to challenge this thinking."

Fiona TIE Donor