Associating your brand with us can be a powerful way of enhancing customer experience, improving staff retention and wellbeing, and engaging with new audiences, especially to those within or connected to the LGBT community.

There are many benefits to working with us:

  • demonstrating your commitment to being an LGBT Inclusive Employer
  • publicly aligning your brand with the LGBT community
  • demonstrating the integrity of your organisation

We take an educational and informed approach to tacking discrimination and prejudice, beyond celebratory calendar dates and events. By aligning with us on this approach, you can show genuine year-round commitment which is typically more valued by your people, customers and stakeholders.

There are several ways to get involved as a business.

Workplace Learning

We can deliver educational sessions to staff in your workplace, either in person or online. Our workplace input allows organisations to benefit from the proactive, educational approach we use to address prejudice within Scotland’s schools. This input will provide an overview of the concepts of active and passive prejudice, and how this can affect participants in the workplace and wider society. As an employer, offering this workplace training to your staff demonstrates a commitment to being inclusive of LGBT people.

To learn more about this input, visit Workplace Learning.

Corporate Fundraising and Sponsorship

Fundraising can be a fun and simple way to support our work, promote your support of the LGBT community, and bring people together to raise funds for a good cause. If your business already holds corporate fundraising events, why not fundraise for TIE? If your business has not held this kind of event before, find out more in our fundraising guide.

Download our full fundraising guide

While we gladly accept monetary donations, we also would gladly accept donations in kind for any products or services which contribute to delivering our services, resource creation or other projects. As an education charity we work directly with schools and provide educational resources, book recommendations and digital presentations to school pupils, teaching staff and university students. We deliver inputs throughout Scotland free of charge, much of which requires extensive travel and overnight stays.

Products and services we look for include:

  • books for school libraries
  • event space, cinema screenings, etc.
  • expertise to assist in the creation of resources
  • media and promotional resources
  • travel available to schools for young people
  • travel and accommodation for our team while visiting schools and teachers

If you have a product or service which could contribute in any way with the delivery and development of our work we would be delighted to discuss this opportunity to work with you. To discuss further how you can support us, please get in touch.


We welcome opportunities for corporate partnerships. Partnering with Scotland’s LGBT Inclusive Education Charity allows your company to promote an LGBT Inclusive culture publicly and internally. Each of our relationships are unique and tailored to your organisation. As such, we ask that you get in touch to allow us to meet with you and discuss options for building a framework together.

PFA Scotland are very fortunate to have TIE as one of our main signposting partners. Not only have they been an incredible support to one of our members Zander Murray through his journey of coming out, but the awareness, education and support they have given to other clubs has been outstanding.”

PFA Scotland