Our Impact

Our Impact

At TIE, we are led by data. We continuously gather data on the effectiveness of our resources, professional learning, assemblies, and workshops. This approach has supported our high success rate, with nine out of ten young people reporting a better understanding of the impact of homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia.

We have gathered some of our data here, which is accurate as of 2022/23 and will be published in our upcoming report. For the full outcomes report and all of our previous reports, visit Reports and Guidance.

Headline numbers for 2022/23

257 Schools worked with

251 Learning inputs delivered

2,546 Teachers trained (Stage 1)

1,732 Teachers trained (Stage 2)

2,723 Student teachers trained

9,329 Young people worked with

Primary workshops

  • 98% of young people understood what to do if they saw or experienced bullying in their school.
  • 94% had a better understanding of equality after their workshop.
  • 95% of young people understood stereotypes about groups of people aren’t always true and can hurt people.
  • 99% had a better understanding of why using the word ‘gay’ as an insult can hurt people and that they should avoid using the word ‘gay’ to mean something bad.

During the workshop, I have learned how homophobic language is very hurtful and everyone shouldn’t use words like ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ as an insult. We shouldn’t turn positive words into negative ones.”

Primary school learner

98% had a better understanding of what is meant by homophobic language.

96% said they would try their best to not use homophobic language in the future.

100% of teachers surveyed felt that the sessions had met the stated goals.

It doesn’t matter if people say blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Anyone can like anything.”

Primary school learner

Secondary assemblies

2,611 young people received our secondary assemblies.

81% reported at the start of the session that they regularly heard prejudicial language about LGBT people.

By the end of the sessions, 9 in 10 said they would no longer use this language.

I found it really impactful. Jordan’s story was very eye opening and Liam was extremely inspirational and really impacted me especially the way he incorporated his daughter and how he raises her.”

Secondary school learner

Having TIE deliver S1-6 assemblies on the use of prejudice-based language and the impact of bullying has been extremely valuable for our pupils. Pupils responded well to the personal experiences that were shared and the feedback received from pupils has been fantastic.”

Secondary Teacher Stirling

Secondary workshops

  • We delivered 80 ‘Understanding Prejudice’ workshops this year.
  • 9 out of 10 learners understood prejudice and how it could escalate, with 71% saying they had improved this understanding from the workshop.
  • 96% of learners understood how prejudice could impact LGBT people, with 4 out of 5 saying they improved this understanding from the workshop.

It was particularly impressive as they were delivering workshops across the school from Primary 6 through to Senior VI. The tone, content and pace of the workshops was expertly pitched to ensure learners were engaged and involved throughout the whole workshop. Feedback from the pupils was that they had enjoyed the workshop and had learned a great deal. The trainers were open to questions and helped the pupils gain a real understanding of the issues surrounding equality, diversity, prejudice and discrimination.”

Secondary Teacher Inverclyde

[I learned] “that making fun or bullying has a much more extreme effect on someone than it may seem.”

Secondary school learner

I learned that prejudice is very dangerous: just because somebody is different, it doesn’t mean that they should be bullied or picked on. I learned that even if you just start by bad mouthing, it can escalate higher.”

Secondary school learner

Initial Teacher Education inputs

19 Inputs delivered at 11 ITE providers.

2,723 student teachers trained this year.

98.4% said this training improved their understanding of how to implement LGBT Inclusive Education.

98.2% said they had a clear idea of where they could start to integrate LGBT Learning Themes into their class content.

98.4% said they were likely to use the signposted curriculum resources, such as lgbteducation.scot, lesson plans and worksheets.

The talk given was very inspiring, engaging and easy to follow. Signposting us to different resources which will boost my confidence on the next placement and beyond.”

ITE student

National CPD Stage 1 E-Learning module

2,546 teachers and school staff completed the Stage 1 E-Learning module of the ‘Delivering LGBT Inclusive Education’ CPD this year.

96.7% said the E-Learning improved their confidence in beginning to deliver LGBT Inclusive Education.

97.2% said the E-Learning improved their understanding of how to begin delivering LGBT Inclusive Education.

97.7% of those who completed the E-Learning said it improved their understanding of what LGBT Inclusive Education was.

9 out of 10 said they were likely to use the resources featured on the national platform in their curriculum.

This was an excellent E-Learning module. I completed it before encouraging our staff to undertake it as part of an in-service day. This will be a main focus of our Improvement plan next session and part of our Rights Respecting Schools approach.”

Primary Teacher Argyll and Bute

National CPD Stage 2 Curriculum Development input

1,066 teachers and support staff received Stage 2 Curriculum Development inputs.

99.1% said they had a stronger understanding of how to use the LGBT Inclusive Education Learning Themes.

This was a great module to introduce LGBT Inclusive Education into the curriculum with some excellent examples of how to do so. So many courses these days do not provide these examples so it is great to have something to start with which can be expanded on.”

Primary Teacher Highland

I feel more confidence to create material and create discussion around LGBT Inclusive Education with staff and students. Fantastic and useful delivery by [my delivery officer]”

Secondary Teacher Moray

Our projects

In the past year, we’ve found success with many projects. Here are some of the things we’ve achieved in 2022/2023 outwith our typical service offer:

  • We created animations on the topics of ‘Challenging Homophobic Language’ and ‘Gender Stereotypes’ for primary schools, in collaboration with young people at several primary schools across Scotland.
  • We hosted ALLIES 2023 in collaboration with Glasgow City Council, providing additional educational opportunities for teachers and young people.
  • We hosted our annual Teachers’ Gathering event, bringing together teachers and educators from across the country to advance LGBT Inclusive Education. We designed our service pathway for primary and secondary schools.
  • We developed and piloted education sessions for football clubs at youth and senior level.
  • We launched a new suite of resources for primary and secondary schools.


2,546 teachers have completed Stage 1 of the national professional learning.

5,180 individual downloads of resources this year.

58,370 visits to the national platform

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