Early Years Overview

Early Years Overview

LGBT Inclusive Education refers to including themes related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people across the curriculum. It applies across all ages and stages, from early years to senior phase.

It is a national expectation that all early years practitioners in Scotland will engage with the National Approach to LGBT Inclusive Education. This means completing the national CPD and including the LGBT Learning Themes in ordinary teaching and learning. The CPD has been tailored specifically for early years practitioners.

In early years settings, LGBT Inclusive Education will focus on creating a foundation for later learning. This would typically include examples of diverse families, such as storybooks that feature same-sex parents and representation in the learning environment. Gender stereotypes can be challenged through play, ensuring that there is not a separation of ‘boys toys’ and ‘girls toys’ and that children are able to take part in various kinds of games and activities.

Early years practitioners are supported to include the Learning Themes in whichever way best benefits their learners. We have resources which can help you to get started with LGBT Inclusive Education in your setting.

Our resources

We produce materials for early years practitioners delivering LGBT Inclusive Education that are ready to use and can also be easily adapted for the needs of learners. These resources also serve as examples of how LGBT Inclusive Education can look for practitioners that want to produce their own materials.

Visit our Early Years Resources page to view and download all of our available resources.

Early years practitioners

The national CPD for early years settings has been created in collaboration with early years practitioners. This free CPD provides practitioners with the knowledge required to meet the national expectations for delivering LGBT Inclusive Education.

The CPD focuses on creating an LGBT inclusive learning environment for learners and families. It also addresses other common questions practitioners may have about this area of work.

‘Delivering LGBT Inclusive Education: Early Years’ will be available on the lgbteducation.scot platform. It consists of an E-Learning module which can be completed by practitioners individually in approximately 60 minutes.


We manage lgbteducation.scot, the national platform for LGBT Inclusive Education on behalf of the Scottish Government. It hosts all quality approved resources, the national ‘Delivering LGBT Inclusive Education’ CPD, the LGBT Inclusive Education Implementation and Evaluation Toolkit and all current national guidance for this policy area.