Get Involved

Get Involved

It is the Scottish Government’s expectation that LGBT Inclusive Education will be delivered in all local authority early years settings, primary and secondary schools in Scotland. You can get involved in this work by engaging with your child in their learning, talking to your child’s school, or by supporting us directly.

As a parent to my own children I became a much more open and, I hope, positive influence around the issues TIE raises. I could not presume to know their feelings and preferences but wanted to make them and their friends feel safe in my house and in my company.

I realised how many gaps were in my own education. My terminology was confused and I was often scared to say anything in case I got it wrong. But my children and their friends helped me. They gave me confidence and shared their feelings and knowledge openly.

I know that when Jordan, Liam and their TIE colleagues visit schools that this message is no less powerful. I believe it is only through direct interaction and discussion that change is made. Our young people may have lack of knowledge in LGBTI history or subconscious prejudice of LGBTI people and TIE changes that when it visits schools.”

Joanna Glasgow

How can I help my child’s school to do this?

The national platform for LGBT Inclusive Education,, launched in September 2021. This platform made LGBT Inclusive Education professional learning and resources available to all early years settings, primary and secondary schools in Scotland. This is delivered free of charge. You can ask your child’s school if they have started engaging with this policy area. Be clear that this is the approach as found on and is separate to any other LGBT awareness training or programmes they may have used previously.

If your child’s school has not yet implemented LGBT Inclusive Education, you can ask when they will begin. If they are unaware of the National Approach, encourage them to visit where they can get started. There is a free professional learning for teachers and resources hosted there. You can also refer them here to our website where they can book free workshops and assemblies for the school, if they would like to.

Books and media you may enjoy with your child

Books and media can be a great way to help your child learn about LGBT people, history and topics. If you are looking for materials that you may enjoy reading or watching with your child, we have written reviews for a selection of books and other media. Each review contains an overview, the age range this material is suitable for, and some ideas for conversations you may wish to have with your child after reading or watching.


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