About TIE

About TIE

Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) is Scotland’s LGBT Inclusive Education charity.

Our goal is for all young people to grow up in a society free from homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. We believe education is the most powerful tool we have to address this prejudice.

To ensure that this education is available to all young people, everything we provide for schools is free of charge.

Beginning as the TIE Campaign, a grassroots group, we built and led the movement that saw Scotland become the first country in the world to commit to embedding LGBT Inclusive Education throughout the curriculum. Now as an educational charity, we continue working to make this commitment a reality.

We do this by providing teachers with services and resources to implement LGBT Learning Themes into routine teaching and learning. This allows LGBT young people to feel included in their learning and helps all learners to understand that LGBT people are an equal part of our society. This education can prevent the stigma and stereotypes that leads to prejudice.

You can view our constitution here.

How we work

At TIE, we are led by data. We continuously gather data on the effectiveness of our resources, professional learning, assemblies, and workshops. Our approach has a high success rate, with nine out of ten young people reporting a better understanding of the impact of homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia (as of 2022/23). To see all of our current data, visit Our Impact or for our broader research, Reports and Guidance.

We are funded by the Scottish Government and support the implementation of the LGBT Inclusive Education policy area. We manage lgbteducation.scot, the national platform, which hosts resources, national guidance, the professional learning for teachers, and more.

We work closely with local authorities, schools and teachers. We have a Teachers’ Network who consult on our resources. All of our Programmes & Delivery Officers are GTCS registered teachers.

TIE are an affiliate of the EIS, NASUWT and STUC.

Recognition of our work

  • Finalist – Public Campaign of the Year (2016), Scottish Politician of the Year Awards, Herald Newspaper
  • Winner – Charity of the Year (2017), Icon Awards
  • Winner – Role Model Award (2017), Jordan Daly, Icon Awards
  • Winner – Young Scot of the Year Award (2018), Jordan Daly, Young Scot Awards
  • Winner – Enhancing Education Award (2018), Jordan Daly, Young Scot Awards
  • Winner – Amplifying Unheard Voices Award (2019), Sheila McKechnie Foundation
  • Winner – The Public Service Award (2020), Proud Scotland Awards
  • Finalist – Community Organisation of the Year (2021), National Diversity Awards
  • Finalist – Leadership Award (2023), Jordan Daly, Proud Scotland Awards
  • Finalist – Community Ally Award (2023), Liam Stevenson, Proud Scotland Awards