“Real defining moments for so many”

“Real defining moments for so many”

Working with TIE was a real step forward for us in terms of creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace.

We had done a lot of work in creating internal intranet sites with useful resources, celebrating and educating on key dates in the calendar such as LGBT History Month and Pride Month but the engagement, understanding and step change we needed still wasn’t achieved.

We first arranged for Jordan and Liam to come into the workplace to deliver training on the impact of ‘banter’ and language. Jordan talks emotionally about his personal experiences being a gay man and the true impact the words and slurs had on him while Liam speaks frankly about his naivety being a straight man in a predominantly male environment and his realisation of the impact he was having on people.

Hearing from both Jordan and Liam were real defining moments for so many people.

We have since invited Jordan and Liam back to do further online training as the contrast and emotion of both stories and the frankness in the conversation has captured the hearts and minds of our people making them understand and self reflect on their words and actions both in and outside of the workplace.

They give relatable and memorable advice and it has been the most impactful training we have delivered to support us creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace. People still speak about the original training 3 years ago and remember the key points of the training telling us it was the best training they have had and how they have changed how they speak to friends and understand the impact of what they thought was banter.

One person told us that they had got to age 54 before realising they were part of the problem. Another attendee told us they now felt comfortable to come out in the workplace following this training.

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