London Marathon Fundraiser

London Marathon Fundraiser

Neil ran the London Marathon on 23rd April 2023 to fundraise for us. He has shared his story below.

“In April 2023 I ran the London Marathon and decided to raise funds for Time for Inclusive Education. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, being gay was not a positive thing at school. It was discussed in negative terms with little understanding of the trauma and damage this was doing to the young people living that experience. As such, it took me until I was 30 years old before I came out.

The work TIE do is invaluable to the health and wellbeing of not just young queer people, but their peers. When I hear my nieces talk openly about their queer friends from school it’s amazing to know that this generation is growing up in a safe and nurturing environment. I realised how important TIE is to the future of Scotland.

TIE has helped to foster a safer and more understanding environment in schools and this will in turn shape the wider society. I am delighted to have raised money for this great cause and would enthusiastically encourage others to do the same. Thank you TIE.”

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