Portraits in the Style of David Hockney

Portraits in the Style of David Hockney

Resource type: Unit

Level: Third Level, Fourth Level

Subject: Art & Design

Curriculum Area: Expressive Arts

Tags: gay; sexual orientation; artist; art project; UK

Created in collaboration with Ms Murray, Art & Design teacher


This resource contains a unit on portraiture, focusing on the work of artist David Hockney and his series ’82 Portraits and 1 Still-Life’. David Hockney is a well known artist who is gay and reflected this in his art at a time when homosexuality was still a criminal offence in the UK.

This unit contains three distinct lessons, plus two lesson outlines covering the class time that learners will spend engaging with their practical work. These lessons focus on the visual elements of line, colour, and tone. This unit is intended to build on prior work on these visual elements.

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This download contains:

  • Unit overview
  • Bibliography
  • 5 Lesson Plans
  • 5 PowerPoints
  • 2 Composition Worksheets
  • 2 Evaluation Worksheets
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