November Resource Launch

November Resource Launch

On November 1st, we launched some brand new resources for early years, primary and secondary settings, and materials that can be used by parents and carers with their children.

As part of this launch, we released a reading comprehension resource for primary schools which includes a collection of 9 original poems in Scots and English. The resource features the work of Ashley Douglas, a multi-lingual researcher, writer, and translator; Mae Diansangu, a poet and spoken word artist; Shane Strachan, a writer, performer and the 2022-2023 Scots Scriever; and Thomas Clark, a Scots poet and writer.

The resource consists of a collection of bespoke poems from the contributing writers and includes stories about influential Scottish LGBT people such as footballers Zander Murray and Rachel Corsie, and fashion designer Bill Gibb. Stories of families with same-sex parents as well as topics addressing gender stereotypes and prejudice-based language are also featured.

The poems, their accompanying worksheets, and teachers’ notes allow teachers to include Scots language resources in their curriculum which also meet the national expectations for LGBT Inclusive Education. More information can be found at, where teachers can also complete Stage 1 of the free national ‘Delivering LGBT Inclusive Education’ CPD.

Commenting on the resource launch, Ashley Douglas said:

For too long, LGBT+ bairns, and Scots-speaking bairns, have not seen themselves positively represented in their learning - with hugely damaging consequences for their sense of self and self-worth. All bairns need and deserve to see themselves and their families represented in their learning, making everyone feel included and valid, instead of alone and wrong.

If I had known when I was at school that some lassies fancy quines instead of laddies, or that one of my favourite female footballers also happened to be gay, it would have helped me to positively embrace that I was gay so much earlier, and avoided so much pain and confusion. The hurt and isolation of past generations can’t be changed, but we can make sure that current and future generations don’t suffer - and that is exactly what these poems contribute to.

I am so proud to have contributed to this braw set of original new poems for primary schools, which support bairns to learn about inclusion through the medium of the Scots language that so many of them speak, in a perfect example of intersectionality in action.”

Shane Strachan added:

I went to primary school in the 90s when bairns were not only discouraged from speaking Scots in class, but our teachers were also forbidden from discussing queer relationships under Section 28. Although we still face challenges on both fronts, it does feel like Scotland has moved forward in lots of positive ways, and so I’m proud to contribute to these new LGBTQ-inclusive poems in both English and Scots to foster a better future for our bairns.”

This resource launch also included a collection of media reviews for primary and secondary learners, as well as book reviews for early years practitioners. We also released material for parents and carers, containing reviews for a selection of books and other media.

You can access our primary, secondary and early years resources on the Our Resources page of our website, where you can also find out more about how we create resources and how teachers can contribute.

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